Nextcloud Conference - wanna help?

So, in August - the Nextcloud Conference kicks off, an event for contributors. But also by contributors? You can help!

We had help from especially @iosifidis last year but several others pitched in, too. For this year, we’re again looking for some help! @NinaNC will be in charge of the organization and we will put questions and requests for help here, but I have one already:

  • FOOD! Last year we had our Burger truck & California wraps the 2nd day. They are fine choices and we might go for that again this year. Unless… somebody finds a better choice! Requirements:
  • Can feed ~100 ppl in an hour
  • For up to 10/person
  • vegetarian/vegan options included
  • has time for us on Saturday and/or Sunday

Whadda yah think?


Well if everyone was pleased with the food there is no reason to change something…if you want any help from me please say so…i would like to help in anything you need

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During the conference, count me in to help.

Regarding food, another parameter is the weather.
If it’s raining, we have to have alternatives (eg university’s cafeteria).

As far as I remember, the same company has tacos truck but I think Burger truck & California wraps are OK.

Regarding Friday afternoon, do you think we can find a karaoki place to drink beers? I remember from other conferences it was fun!!!


Where’s it going to be this year? :smiley:

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:drum: … Berlin


Well, I am going to prepare a lightning talk of course :smiley:

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My proposal for Friday still stands. I searched online for Karaoke Berlin and found some interesting places. What do you think?

    Here is the web page

    Here is their web page

I’ll be there 26-27th :smiley:

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@NinaNC what about a Karaoke Friday? :wink:

Hi Andy, great that you want to give a lightning talk :smiley: if you feel like giving a workshop, don’t hesitate! You can register here:

That works for everyone of course :wink:

@iosifidis : looking into it, thanks for the idea!

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Hi @NinaNC,

is registered on the (new) site. Questions so far:

  • Does this mean the old page originally available at and their registrations is obsolete (just asking since @jospoortvliet wanted me to register there, which I did) ?
  • I then also registered the ticket which is as far as I can see only for the weekend, while I will also attend the hackweek from Tuesday onwards - EDIT: My mistake, ticket is 22nd-29th :thumbsup:
  • I submitted a proposal for a lightning talk while I didn’t create the slides yet. Will they have to be submitted on the page? Just asking since last time I simply had to sent @jospoortvliet a PDF with the slides.

Another thing: also shows the links to last year’s talks (e.g. mine about the Android dev process :P) but all the links get redirected to :’(

Oh do I need to register for a ticket? Registering on /conf didn’t work for me the other day but I thought that’s the only place I need to.

@JasonBayton somehow there is now while I can’t get back to the old system anymore?!

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So the old system, OSEM, was sending lots of spam so we had to shut it down. It lacks any rate limiting and we don’t have time to get it fixed… The registrations will be migrated to EventYAY which is our new registration system. Once migration is done (I dunno what the state is, will be done by the EventYAY team) I guess you’ll get an email or such.

Hope this answers the questions :smiley:


But is eventyay open source? :stuck_out_tongue:

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And it was presented at the Nextcloud conference last year:


I’ve got a question: anybody up for helping with the video recording? We would need somebody to keep his/her hands on the camera during the talks Saturday and Sunday morning, aiming that camera on the speaker :wink:

Let me know if you’re up for that!

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I can’t :frowning: Will present my lightning talk on Saturday and have to leave in the afternoon, unfortunately.

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