Nextcloud conference on its way – early bird tickets expiring soon...

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The Nextcloud conference is happening again this year at the technical University of Berlin, so if you are a Nextcloud fan, September 14 & 15 should be already marked in your calendar!

A weekend of talks and workshops focusing on Nextcloud topics and news, privacy, security, decentralization, open source and many more, invites all Nextcloud users, enthusiasts, contributors and contributors-to-be to join the conference, exchange opinions or ideas, learn and also have a good time!

Have you got your early bird ticket yet?

The event costs €20, but we offer €15 Early bird tickets until July 31st.

Get your ticket before it expires, and help us organize the conference better by registering in advance! Who knows, maybe you get a bag full of Nextcloud goodies if you are in time 😉

Get your ticket here!

Contributors can get a free ticket – just shoot us an email with a link to your contribution(s) on github, transifex or otherwise.

Also want a free ticket and help our event team out? You can also sign up as volunteer ! It will be fun 🙂

Check the conference page for more practical info.

Has the system done something wrong somewhere? :slight_smile:

Sorry for this - we had some old blogs that somehow got unpublished - the links where there, you could look them up on (and earlier pages) but they gave a 404. :roll_eyes: We discovered that hitting ‘update’ on the blog would fix the 404. Didn’t expect to have them show up here, though… :crazy_face:


What should be the meaning of ‘update’ in a forum if not publishing? :joy:

Errare humanum est. :innocent:

IMHO you should use this opportunity to advertise some next event like NC 2020 conference? :smiling_imp: