Nextcloud.conf location for https enable w/o cert

Hello everyone!
I’m novice in linux servers and some things hard to implement in life.
So what i already can - setup on ubuntu pc and config nextcloud access thru 443 port setted up in nextcloud.conf

Whan i doing now - setting on pc vith V-BOXed Nextcloud. Challenge is that I can’t enable 443 port access cause i can’t find N_C.conf file. I’ve openes VDI from V_B find filesystem and nothing - seems file doesnt exists. Script for certbot can’t eat my ip address, i have keenetic domain name and avoid to pay.

So i need somehow just enable listening server at 443 port and forward secured connection from outside to N_C server.
Tried to forward from incoming 443 to 80 on server - bad server reply.

try nextcloud.enable-https but it require cert, key, chain which i dont want to use, cause if so keenetic close my domain name for a while.

so can anyone help me with?
just use self-sughned?

Its hard to understand what you are asking, but from what I gather, these are the issues;

  1. Your DNS provider for some reason is hostile towards you having valid security certificates on a free account and will shut you down if you use it.
    Solution: You can get free domain names (.tk .ml .ga .cf .gq) from service providers like – I’ve been using this DNS provider for years and the only issue is that if you don’t refresh your free domain within a very narrow window, you’ll have to pay for it to get it back. Paid is not expensive though, $6.95 US per year.

  2. You are having some trouble with getting certbot working correctly withOUT using a domain name.
    Solution: Use a domain name. See (1).