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We can’t thank inf to NextCloud for creating such a beautiful Open Source architecture which gives provides ability to any type of business to grow.

My Question is as follow We have hosted email service and have over 1000+ email users/clients. Since all using just an email but we would like to add ability of Contacts & Calendars to them via RoundCube Webmail and using ZPush over Exchange.

The question is very simple. Can we use NextCloud for such kind of Commercial environment? We are not going to change any code as we are going to use Only Calendar & Contact apps to be synced with RoundCube & Z-Push. We are also not going to provide access to clients to login NextCloud URL. We would like to use NextCloud as CalDav & CarDav server, please let us know as there is no Such detailed information found about Commercial Usage Guidelines. We can even use NX logo if the license covers this part.

Please Guide.


Hey @deepikag and welcome to the forum.

Thank you for your very first participation here.

You are right… Nextcloud is Open Source and is released under APGL v3 license.
Meaning you could take advantage of it at your will and needs. You just don’t have any support other than from the volounteers-ran forum here. So if there will occur problem you could either hope to find a solution on the forum (no guarantee given to a) solve it b) within the timeframe you might need a solution) or to buy professional support from Nextcloud GmbH (with a guarantee to solve problems and within a certain timeframe as well).

Just to list choices you’d have.

From what you’re writing about your needs… I’d say it would work out of the box with Roundcube… And well… I dunno about Z-Push and Exchange. I myself am synching my calendars and contacts via CalDav Synchronizer - some freeware running greatly.

Best would be if you’d spin up a test instance (VM, Docker, Snap or any other you might like) and testdrive NC for your needs. No worries: it’s free :wink:

Hope that I could be of any help for you.

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as soon as you start to make money because you’re using the tool you should condider buying a subscription. It not only gives your organisation security regarding tool knowledge but primarily this enables the company to maintain the code.


and what @joergschulz wrote as well… it’s just a matter of what we would consider being fair. But though your company isn’t obliged in any way to buy support.

Thanks Jimmy. For your clarification & i appreciate your response. Before moving further we just wanted know about the guidelines. I’ll be more happy if NextCloud team responds with their approach about the question and so then we will move forward.

For CardDav: blind-coder/rcmcarddav plugin works out of the Box and works amazing with NextCloud.
CalDave: texxasrulez/caldav_calendar Plugins works amazing.

We able to Sync Z-Push Sync for Contacts & Calendar with NextCloud without any any issue & without any code changes.


you could call/contact them at any time and most prolly will get a very similar answer… they just don’t show up very regularly here on the forum… so you could wait for their answer but it might be in vain :wink:

Thanks Joe,

Nice point, to maintain fair use policy and this will also help community and keep the code to go to next level. Yes we will buy Support Subscription if any, also if Donate option is there. Nextcloud Enterprise pricing is very high we are not even offering 50% of that amount to our clients else we would have been use that subscription. We can defiantly consider Buying one time Installation and configuration support fees.

Deepika G.

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Roger that! :+1: :grinning:

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