*.Nextcloud.com - connectivity issues

Wait this has become terribly confusing-- we seem to have two problems here, a slow download.nextcloud.com, and a down apps.nextcloud.com. Both threads just got merged, is it actually the same problem? Will we get a post-mortem? This has been a disaster.


Someone merged the thread. It would seem.

i merged the threads… since I think it’s all related to the same capacity problems (due to a newly released NC version)

I haven’t seen reports of anyone being able to reach apps.nextcloud.com, and only reports of download.nextcloud.com being slow. Slow we can handle (and seems load-related), down we can’t.

I still don’t see the point why those threads shouldn’t be merged…
I even altered the thread-title so that it would fit.

I just am annoyed by users thinking that they need to open a new thread without even searching the forum for already existing threads of the same content…

so why not have a mutual thread about all of that?

though I’m open to other and different opinions…


Because I personally don’t expect a slow server to necessarily be “fixed”, as it will pick back up when load goes down. apps.nextcloud.com seems like it has crashed though, which needs a fix and I was expecting some sort of post-mortem and a list of actions being taken to stop it from happening again. Merging the threads muddies the water, and makes it harder to write a post-mortem that addresses the problem (because the “problem” is now unclear).

You won’t hear any argument from me on that :slight_smile: .


Your realy think a thread which is over 8 Months old and a new issue should be merged?

Maybe we sould have some kind of Serverdown-Anouncement-Thread where you can write an update-Post when Servers are reachable again ?

Nextcloud is growing very fast and after each client release the servers are going down.
Issue is addressed and for sure someone is or will work on it.

Stay safe.

it might have been opened 8 months ago but it got attention ever since. ad it addresses the same problem from my point of view.

we had such threads already… ending up that someone found out a server was working again with another one telling 5 min later it wasnt. I, personally, don’t see any sense in such threads.

on the other hand: has anyone come up yet with the idea of pinging anyone at NC GmbH (and hoping that they would read their messages on the weekends?) - No. I didn’t see any of this.
@frank @jospoortvliet @MorrisJobke @nickvergessen @jan @ChristophWurst @bjoern @rullzer @skjnldsv (and who else… I’m running out of ideas here…) I dunno who’s on on-call-duty but would you please spin up apps.nextcloud.com again as it seems to be down?
And please… would it be possible to set up a kind of post-mortem procedure?

awww and maybe someone has IRC installed and could get in touch with someone at the nextcloud-channel?


I have been on #nextcloud-dev for 2-3 non-stop. There were four messages in total by two people. At least this channel seems to be dead, unless I was randomly disconnected when everyone was talking.

I wish the Nextcloud people would kill this off and use one and only one persistent chat channel, where you don’t have to be online 24/7 to not miss messages. There is a matrix channel but it seems to be run by users.

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Thanks @JimmyKater, just checked community chat and it has been reported there as well.
Currently no one from GmbH is there. You notified a lot, so just adding @staff here.

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I don’t see how is this the same issue…
I have opened the topic because I had update errors and http://apps.nextcloud.com/ is not available at all. The question was asked if the apps.nextcloud.com is currently down, I saw old posts about this and I don’t see how it answers my question. We are now mixing download.nextcloud.com and apps.nextcloud.com questions here. This is not a very clean way to note this issue.

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I don’t think anyone is using the IRC channel anymore. If you see a reference to it feel free to send a pull request to remove it.

Have there been discussions on a successor?

I didn’t think such a ping was required, as I assumed GmbH had a proper monitoring/on-call system for such critical infrastructure. To be clear, are you suggesting that is not the case? Because that is scary. We rely on this stuff, as users and developers.


Personally I do not know many details about the infrastructure

There are currently 501 people in that channel, and people do talk there. It might be better to not ignore a channel of communication that is fairly typical for free software projects to use.

They roll out new releases slowly to catch bugs, why can’t they be rolled out in a way to keep the servers from being hammered? The answer is they can, which means that either they are failing here for more than five days, or there is something else going on (DDoS?). Whatever the case may be, some kind of communication from nextcloud seems prudent to update the community about the problem.

Especially since there are new threads being opened regularly about people failing to upgrade (either to 19.0.4 or to 20) because the upgrade process times out, and leaves their nextcloud in a broken state.

I’ve had to restore from backups two separate instances, and am not updating anymore until this is resolved.


Nowadays there are so many communication channels e.g. IRC, forums, matrix, twitter, facebook, gitter, Nextcloud community talk room, GitHub. How many you can support?
But this is off topic to the title of this topic.

https://apps.nextcloud.com/ is sometimes availiable now.
I guess Servers get hammered with requests.
Either way i got my Apps updated and I hope they can resolve this issue soon and have the Servers run stable in the future as well as use the many communction channels to tell the community about surch issues.