Nextcloud Coherence for iOS: a completely new look, live photo support, new image & PDF viewer, quick look option and more!

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Today is all about good news for all iOS fans! Nextcloud Coherence (Nextcloud 3.0) for iOS devices arrives along with the iOS 14 launch!

The Nextcloud iOS app has been updated to a major new version that introduces a whole new UI look and next-level features for the functionalities you use daily! We are happy to share that Nextcloud for iOS app is the first cloud client to introduce live photo support and now has a completely 🆕 rewritten communication driver!

What’s new?

  • A 🆕 built-in PDF viewer
  • Live photo support
  • A 🆕 curated view for media files
  • A 🆕 built-in image viewer
  • An integrated quick look for files
  • Delete from camera roll
  • Easy move or copy files and folders
  • Privacy and security looking good too 😉
  • A modern 🆕 look for the users and endless UI improvements
  • Many more fixes and refinements

New built-in PDF viewer

With this new built-in PDF viewer, you will be able to view PDF multi-page documents directly from your Nextcloud app, without downloading them to your device.

Don’t forget that scanning a document and saving it as a PDF on the cloud is already possible using your Nextcloud app. Check here for a quick reminder!

Now it’s time to try out the new search feature that comes with the built-in viewer:

  1. Open a multi-page PDF file on your cloud
  2. Search for a word or phrase using the search bar
  3. You will get as a result a list of all the pages of the document where that phrase is written

Photos and media

Live photo support

Nextcloud app for iOS is the first cloud client to introduce live photo support: share your favourite live photos as soon as you take them!

Live photos are introduced by Apple as an enhanced mode of photography, which is basically an image similar to a non-repetitive gif you can take in one click, just like every other photo. This popular cool feature is now supported on your Nextcloud app!

  1. Take a live photo and sync it on your Nextcloud
  2. Viewing the photo gallery, which photo is a live photo? You will notice the sign on the top-left!
  3. That’s it! Share it – it’s on your cloud already!

Curated view for your media files

Update to the latest version and check out your media folder! Don’t you love the new elegant, modern, simplified view? You choose how many pictures you want to be shown in a row 😉

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New built-in image viewer

While you have your cloud client set up on your mobile, why download images to your device? Go through your photos on your Nextcloud and do everything from there: open a photo, check out more details about a picture, rename it, move it, add it to favorites and explore the other options available!

And if some files are in a format not readable by the image viewer there’s an integrated quick look option, which will allow you to view the file right away!

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Delete from camera roll

A quick tip: Keep your work where the work is! Mixing up professional files with personal pictures could be a mess!

Keep it simple controlling what stays on your camera roll from your cloud! If the images you wanted to upload are successfully uploaded on your Nextcloud, you can enable an option to delete these from your camera roll, just in one click!

So, professional files go to your company’s cloud and everything goes smoothly!

Organize files and folders

Organize files and folders on your cloud simply! Move folders where they fit best on your cloud and choose between the most suitable options in one simple interface!

  1. Move a file to another folder
  2. A file with the same name already exists in that folder:
    1. Choose if you want to overwrite that file if it is duplicated or outdated.
    2. If the files just share the same name but not the same content, create another folder to move the file to right away!

Privacy and security looking good!

Privacy and security for your sensitive data come as well with an elegant interface!

Are you 🆕 to Nextcloud?

Here’s a quick must know for you!

  • Nextcloud is an awesome cloud platform for SECURE file syncing, sharing, collaboration, document editing, communication, and agenda organization. But it is not limited to just that. There’s a whole ecosystem of Nextcloud apps that help you do with it everything you need your cloud platform to do, just in one click!
  • Nextcloud is self-hosted – you can install it on your own server and use it for private or business purposes. If you need the best business platform for secure filesharing, collaboration and communication check out here.
  • Nextcloud is server software that also has available mobile apps. This is our release announcement for Nextcloud 3.0 for iOS. There’s a Nextcloud mobile app for Android as well 😉 You can use any of them, and access your data anywhere, whenever, if you have a Nextcloud installation running on your server – which is very simple to set up!
  • Find more info on our website and more help on our forums!

Technical details and compatibility:

Version: Nextcloud 3.0 for iOS

iOS version: 11.0 or newer

Nextcloud server version: 14 or newer

Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Community support: get help here

Enterprise support: contact our sales team here

Contribute: report issues here

Did you miss the previous updates on the Nextcloud app for iOS? Check out the existing awesome features here!

Feedback 🔥🤩👍🤯🤡

We appreciate your feedback! If you’d like to share your comments with us, continue the discussion in our forums. What’s the best thing about the Nextcloud iOS client so far?


Well done @ios

Using it since a few months. Great :+1:

Great news !!!
The update is live, i’ve installed today !

Another impressive step with lots of cool features. Great Work!

What I am not getting into is the new media view. In my opinion there were too many important features removed which make it unuseable for me:

  • Scrolling dot not available any more - takes long to scroll through many images.
  • Select folder for media view not possible any more - the new media view now shows all files in my nextcloud that make the media view too crowded with unimportant things (e.g. screenshots just for documentation purposes).
  • +/- can only show max. 4 pictures in a row. Thats even less than apple pictures and far less than 9 from previous version.
  • Round corners make the shown part of the image smaller.
  • Sorting seems not to be straight forward. Pictures are sorted by date of modification of the file and not the date they were taken. To find now media when you only know the creation date but not when it has been modified is not possible.

I am not understanding the use case that was assumed while designing the media view. For my use case the above list is kind of critical. I guess the things were removed for a good reason but I would highly appreciate more opinions and discussion on this.


Well done, update installed on all my iOS devices :slight_smile:

I have been using Nextcloud for almost 1 year now (with photo upload) and therefore have several old Live Photos which are not Live Photos on my Nextcloud.

What’s the best way to get my old Live Photos synchronized?


That sounds good. It’s a very good way to break up with iCloud. :innocent:

In the android app you can set the upload to also upload existing files. Not sure though whether that feature exists in the iOS app as well.

Hopefully the iOS app does not have the same issues with potential data loss as the android app. The latter forgets to upload some image every few weeks. No error message, just ignoring the file. So if you do not pay attention and remove pictures from your camera roll, thinking that they have been uploaded already, you will lose data.

And if the app is set to move files to the nextcloud local storage on the android device after uploading them, some items just get deleted after uploading.

Really tiresome and unreliable to have to check manually whether everything works as it should.

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Hi, did you put this problems on the GitHub page ?
There devs are more active and can have a talk back and forth to understand or change the way the app works.
It looks like the Media View take the same « bad » way as the New Photo app.

Hey guys. On the older iOS app you were able to see the E2EE and on the new app I don’t see the option. I’m I missing something here? What happen to the option? Does it do it automatically now?

Sure I did. But nobody can tell me how to debug.

honestly i am a bit surprised, what happened with the media part of the IOS app. Unfortunately, many steps backwards!

As already commented:
– why is it no longer possible to select the media-folder by my own? Now, every photo, picture or screenshot will be displayed - an huge advantage of the App is away … unfortunately
– where is the helpful “slider button” on the right side to scroll down and up faster between the days, months and years?

Please, bring back the functionalities others already mentioned!


Edit: typo


Exciting opening an app when it looks this good on my phone ;). Great work, I can tell a lot went into this! I know it’s something small but just having the little white play maker on the videos is really nice to distinguish photos from videos when video thumbnails are generated. Again Thank you.

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