Nextcloud, Cloudflare Tunnel, & iPhone Companion App = NSURLError -999

I hope someone smarter than me can answer this one. I’ve seen the question asked, but the answer still eludes me. Can’t access Nextcloud via the iPhone Companion App

Nextcloud loaded via Docker Compose, Ubuntu 22.04. Using Cloudflare Zero Trust tunneling to my to access my containers remotely. The tunnel goes to an http instance on my server, and I don’t have to open ports. Never could get NGINX or other reverse proxy to work. Think it’s an AT&T CGNAT thing, but not sure. Anyway, Works great from any laptop browser (so far). It even works via my iPhone browsers. When I access the from the Nextcloud companion app, it translate to the http://<ip address:8080> and gives me NSURLError -999.

There has got to be a simple way around this. Sure would appreciate someone smarter than me pointing me in the right direction…thanks guys.


Ok, so I’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to use over overwritehost, overwriteprotocol, etc…etc…with no joy. Anyone?

OK, I guess I’m the only one using Cloudflare tunneling.

No, you’re not the only one. I’m currently also looking for a solution with the mobile app for Android. It is having the same problem.

This problem is the only reason I still have ports open on my firewall… to service the nextcloud mobile app. I use Cloudflare tunnel for everything else.