Nextcloud Client (Win10) constantly detecting (scans for) changes but not transfering anything from server to client?

Hi Folks,

i am trying to sync back all my files from my nextcloud server (host) to a new client (pc without any files from host synced yet).
but my nextcloud client is just constantly looking for changes in all folders on the server where nextcloud is hosted.
I have around ~26GB to sync on my server (uploaded from another client by ftp/owncloud client before). But no Files transfered from host -> client (new one) …so far.

Does anybody know if its normal if nextcloud client first is looking through ALL the external folders before sync really starts? why is that needed? why its not checking one folder after another and if the folder is not there locally (all folders in this case not there, because they are only on the server side) it just syncs the first folder, than the next one and so on…?

Or is there an error with my server/client maybe ? (client fresh installed)
I dont get any files …been waiting for hours…

other question: if i shutdown my pc and boot up on the next day, sync starts from the beginning…why nextcloud does not start looking for changes just from last checked file?!..

Any tipps/help?

EDIT: Ok if i only select some folders (or one folder after each other) the sync does work after scanning the folder BUT if the folder contains subfolders (for exmple from 700MB - bigger >1GB) the nextcloud client says: could not sync because folder size too big… (after selecting the folder (to big before) and start syncinc again, syncing the “to big” folder also works…strange - why does syncing not work smoothly if folders got an even bigger size ?

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For external storage, you can set if it is checked by Nextcloud for changes:

You need to make an initial sync of all content via the Nextcloud client. It can’t compare files/folder when copied otherwise (FTP, copied from USB device).

So a few things:

  1. The client will do discover before syncing (this can take some time if you have 26GB of files indeed)
  2. If your reboot/restart your system/client the process starts all over. This is done since we can’t trust the previous state. If the client did not run you could still have modified the files on disks. This is done against a local db. But for that to be used you first need a completed sync run.

So long story short. Keep your machine on to let the first sync complete.

I’m wondering why the initial sync (and I’m assuming that first sync happens whenever the client machine is rebooted) needs to discover the whole server database when the client is set to sync with a small subset of that database.

My Windows 10 computer is set to sync with 10GB out of 350GB on the server. What’s the point of discovering all 350GB?

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