NextCloud client : why always always sync error?

i 'm just trying to migrate from one instance to another : simply copy my data to new folder , new sync folder … and i retrieve huge huge of error !!!

Do you really be professional with your desktop client ?
local data are ok , but they wan’t go to your fabulous server … they are suspended ! (the ransomware protection is very very painfull to use !)

(your forum is the same :

500 Internal Server Error
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Last release Nextcloud Hub II (23.0.1) (client ubuntu desktop official : deb focal main, apt install netxcloud-desdktop => 3.3.6 !)

as you didn’t provide ANY valid information and on the other hand just vent off I tend to close this thread…

there are solutions on the forum for your anticipated problem, search it. maybe a downgrade of your client to version 3.3.6 would help

i reopened the thread again… though it’s not enough information nor have you edited out the ranting part (or you get your critisim out in other words)