Nextcloud client under Microsoft Store

My configuration is as follows:


  • Yunohost server (stable)
  • Linux 4.19.0-12-arm64
  • Debian 10.6
  • Nextcloud server 19.0.3
  • Windows 10S

I can’t use the desktop client with my version of Windows. It is mandatory to go through Microsoft Store. There is no Nextcloud client under Microsoft Store.
I tried with ownCloud but it tells me at the time of connection, resource unavailable.
Is there any other software to connect to my server? Same problem with a WebDav client, I can’t mount a network drive under Windows in WebDav.
Thank you very much for your help.
Have a nice day

Here is the feature request for a version on the MS store:

Does the store have a webdav client, this should work.