NextCloud client randomly decides to invalide the sync status of my entire folder


I’m not sure why it happens and I can’t really find anything about it on here but I keep stumbling onto this really annoying problem. The NextCloud client will sometimes out of the blue seemingly invalidate the last sync status of my entire folder. Instead of resuming from the previous sync state (before the app was closed), it’ll start comparing the entire folder to the remote. That folder contains over 3 million files and 3.8 TB of data so the comparison itself takes almost an hour, and at the end of that comparison it somehow concludes that everything needs to be reuploaded - which gives me an ETA of 8 days, when literally nothing has changed on the remote.

As far as I’m aware the database isn’t corrupted. The database itself is over 1.5 GB. That same problem has happened multiple times and I never reported it as I thought it was an issue with the system sleeping then resuming. Each time I’ve had to remove the folder connection from the client and the database and start all over again.

Has anyone else experienced that before? I’m not sure what I can do.