NextCloud client on linux - safety/awareness of fscrypt

I’m considering doing partial home directory encryption with fscrypt. One area of concern is how this will interact with NextCloud client. Since fscrypt results in filenames being hashed during encrypted state - my concern is whether or not the NC client will be in any way aware of that, or if it will interpret it as “thousands of files got renamed”.

Besides: “Make sure that nextcloud client isn’t running when you lock the directory.” and possibly “Also encrypt nextcloud client configuration dir at same time so that the service cannot start.” – is there anything to make this SAFE or is there anything already built in to have nextcloud aware specifically of the error status/returns of files in encrypted state?

I haven’t actually tried this yet, was wanting to get a definitive documented answer as opposed to just ‘looks like it worked, but behavior not defined.’

I’m not sure if such things are tested, let alone being specifically documented. Perhaps if some of the developers worked natively on Linux… (which I don’t know). Or perhaps here someone is using it and sharing their experience.

Regarding the renaming, there was a ransomware protection app (, but unfortunately, it is not available on current, supported NC versions. If not, it could have helped you a bit to protect from that risk.

Except for that, you already mentioned the points to pay attention to.