Nextcloud Client not syncing all the files from the cloud

Hi folks!

we recently implemented Nextcloud in our pipeline to share materials between us.
we noticed a very common problem with the client on the other side of our server: whenever we send any kind of file to our workers (we r talking about many Gbs sometimes) even if the files are correctly stored and shared in the cloud, the remote client doesnt always sync ALL of them and forget to download some pieces untill the remote user go to Nextcloud browser service and find the missing files on his folder. Only in this moment the client start syncing the missing stuff.

we’d like to assure the download of all the files via script without going to search them one by one (they can be even hundreds per time). Is there any way to do that? we tried to use Nextcloud API wrapper for python but we couldnt manage to use them can anyone help me please?

p.s. the client version we r currently using is 3.4.4 for windows and we dont use virtual files support and dont want to since is not compatible with our workflow

thanks a lot, Dario