NextCloud Client for MacOS

I downloaded the most recent NC Client for MAC OS. Installed it and connected it with my existing NextCloud instance online (managing an AWS s3 Bucket).

I was really hoping that I can view/search the directories locally (file icons and thumbnails) VIRTUALLY without requiring them to be downloaded. It seems a bit limited.

Is there another alternative app I can use with NextCloud that is better than the stock client? Here are my needs:

  1. To be able to search and preview folders/files via MacOS Finder.
  2. Nothing is downloaded to my local drive unless I specify it to be (Virtual Instances)
  3. Plays well with iWORK app suite (ie Numbers, Pages, etc…) IOW, if there is a remote version of an iWORK file, I can click it, it is downloaded locally, and open with the appropriate app, then 2 way sync is initiated.
  4. If I CRUD folders/files locally in SYNC directory, they are synchronized remotely accordingly.
  5. Proper 2 way file synchronization based of local/online mod timestamp

Does such an app exist. For the most part, NextCloud via WEB Browser works great, but it does not work intuitively with iWORK docs. I need to manually download them, find them, then click them to open them in right app. If I modify the doc, I have to manually upload it again. Clunky manual process.

Thanks in advance for any advice offered.


No, not that I am aware of (sorry).

I saw some somewhere that there was a OneCloud or NextCloud client that use a virtual folder/file tree. Is that true?

For windows the virtual filesystem for the client has been released for production while ago.
For mac it is marked as experimental, but part the the client already.
Status for linux? Maybe someone else can say?

Hmmm… I downloaded the NextCloud MAC client and the virtual filesystem is not apparent. How do I know if it is a virtual file?

You have to enable it by editing a config file manually. Please search the web. I have no link at my fingertips right now.

Yeah - I am not finding anything on how to get the NextCloud MAC client to use a virtual filesystem schema. We are tapping into a AWS S3 with 9 TB of docs. It is not practical to copy 9TB of docs on a local machines for synchronization purposes.

I like NextCloud in the browser, but a client with virtual filesystem is necessary.


There is no need to sync all data or?
You can just sync subfolders.

I will not point you to the experimental feature because it is not marked production ready.

Same as on macOS. You can enable it in the config file, but I don’t use it, so I can’t say how well it works.

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That is just the total storage. There are several sub-folders. One in particular is their main company folder which contains several image and iWork docs (Over 2 TB). They would like the ability to search that folder locally without having to download a physical copy on their drive. If they want to access it and work locally on it, it would download it and the proper app with launch it. If the file is modified, sync would happen transparently. So for every file, the state could be Online Only, Local Only, or BOTH (with a visual indicator in FINDER window).

When searching for files, I would be nice to view icon previews of images in the FINDER window.

Once again, I am seeking a MAC solution. The source of the files is an AWS S3 bucket. If there is a more suitable client/app out there to use, I appreciate you all letting me know about it. Thanks!


I can’t tell you anything new. On Windows, the client is using the built-in Microsoft “cloud sync” feature. On Linux there is no such thing, at least nothing standardised, and on macOS there is such a feature, but I don’t know whether it is available to third parties, and If it is, then Nextcloud has not yet implemented it to their client.

Either way, if you are using the Nextcloud desktop client on macOS, you can currently only use folder-based synchronisation or manually enable Virtual Files, which creates placeholder files without icons.

There may be third-party sync tools that offer the features you are looking for. However, I can’t give you any recommendations, but in general, any software that supports WebDAV as a storage backend should work with Nextcloud.

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I can tell how this works but in only should take seconds to test it. You might check it:

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