Nextcloud Client for mac desktop doesn't work under MacOS Ventura

When starting the app is instantly tagged to be broken. The only option is to move it to the trash…

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Can confirm it. I’ll create an issue on Gitlab, if not already done by someone else.

see also: [Bug]: App broken on MacOS Ventura 13.0 · Issue #5091 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

I have deinstalled the desktop app and then reinstall and it starts correctly. but the virtual folder option lost. I tried an older version but nothing helped.

I have the same problem, but didn’t put in into the trash, yet. Will there be a fix, soon?

Originally this was meant in another way, but moving it to the trash (deinstalling) and then reinstalling the app actually helps.
This seems to be an intel-only problem…

I have the problem with a macbook pro with M1 chip

Did de-installing work?

It is a problem with the signature of nextcloud.

Opening an app by overriding the security settings of OSX:

You can open an app that is not supposed to be opened by manually overriding the settings in the Privacy & Security preferences.
While holding down the “ctrl” key, click on the nextcloud icon and select “Open” from the context menu. Click “Open.” The app will be saved as an exception to your security settings, so you can double-click it like any authorized app in the future.

Hey I was struggling as well, but I found that I put the installer on the desktop instead of the download folder I can instal with m2 MAX for MBP 14 inch.

Hope it can help

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Super it Works Macbook Pro M1