Nextcloud client for Android OS - logout feature

I am very new to this website, so I hope not to offend anyone or waster their time.

I am using Nextcloud Client App for Android OS (found here:

One of the concerns that my girlfriend has is that the client cannot be exited/logged off. I could not find this feature anywhere.

Can this feature be added to kill the session and make it disappears from the process list, please?

why would you want that? it even would stop autoupload. plus i dunno if that would be possible without rooting.

ps: i moved this issue to a new subforum. it seems to fit better here.

My girlfriend’s concern is security of the fact that the app is visible and now someone knows to peruse the data.

As I mentioned, it’s really her concern, so I am bringing it up.

You can add a pin or figure to open / reopen the app in settings.

or fingerprint or whatever your device features as security. you just need to enable it within the app.

@Ralfi, what do you mean by that?

@JimmyKater how do you enable the fingerprint security feature within the app?

go to menu (those 3 parallel lines in the upper left corner) and then chose settings (2nd from the bottom) - then just activate App-PIN and chose device-setting
… and if you have enabled fingerprints on your device it should work with fingerprints then

@ralfi and @JimmyKater, thanks for the tips. I was able to test them just now. I will have my girlfriend try this too, but I think its a great idea. I even feel more comfortable with this feature in place!

Thanks again!

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