Nextcloud Client feature request


I don’t know if this is the right place to ask for a feature, but i will give it a chance.

I’m using the nextcloud on my dedicated server for saving setup files for a racing simulator.
I have one User, which synchs over the nextcloud client (Windows) all the files to my server, and i use several other Users in Nextcloud Client, to add these files to the game setups folder.

Now the problem is, if someone try’s to make changes ingame an will save the new setup, they get an error saving message alert, as probably, because the nextcloud client is synched with the setups folder and kind of blocking the folder beeing used…the joke is, the file get’s saved, but these error messages are a bit annoying…so is ther a way in future versions, to prevent the nextcloud client from blocking folders they are synched with? (You can’t even delete a synched folder while it is still in synchronisation…but as soon as you delete the foldersynchronisation in the client, you can also delete the folder itself)

It would be great if the users could choose if they want the client to block (reserve) the folder or not.

Thank you verry much

Kind regards