Nextcloud client config file linux


I changed my local folder name. Is it possible to change name in client config file so client will find folder again without remove and add account?

Also if this is not possible, where are the settings stored for client on linux (linux mint 18)?

They are not as expected in ~.nextcloud or ~.config/nextcloud



I ran into the same issue a while ago.
the config file is resides under ~/.local/share/data/Nextcloud/nextcloud.cfg

IMHO this should be added to the official documentation though:



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Hello guys it seems the path to the cfg file has changed to /home/username/.config/Nextcloud this path is not deleted when nextcloud gets uninstalled please fix this!

Hello all,
I just set up a second Instance of Ubuntu 18.04 on a second Partition.
To set up nextcloud-client (Vers. 2.6.4) in the new Instance I had to copy both! (folders) of your suggestions.

  1. ~/.local/share/data/Nextcloud/
  2. ~/.config/Nextcloud/
    If you have (like me) the same username you just need to make sure, you copy with the same owner or if you copy under root you have to change the owner to the copied files. I copied them as root using doublecommander and used the option β€œcopy with same owner”.
    Then I deinstalled nextcloud-client on my first Instance.
    Hope I could help.

I added another Nextcloud installation and wanted to add it to my client.
I wanted my files for the two accounts to be in two different subfolders of ~/Nextcloud (like ~/Nextcloud/abcd and ~/Nextcloud/xyz) and not in ~/Nextcloud and ~/Nextcloud2 as it would be the case by default.

So I had to move the local folder for the existing installation first.

I just did it that way (no need to remove an account and recreate it)

  1. exit nextcloud client
  2. move the content of ~/Nextcloud to ~/Nextcloud/abcd
  3. modify the configuration file /home/silvain/.config/Nextcloud/nextcloud.cfg:
    – modfy the line
    – 0\Folders\1\localPath=/home/silvain/Nextcloud/
    – into
    – 0\Folders\1\localPath=/home/silvain/Nextcloud/abcd
  4. Restart the Nextcloud client.

Then I added the second account and choose the local folder on installation.