Nextcloud client app

We are working with your cloud solution and it’s really amazing and perfect for our company.
Anywaywe are expecting some little troubles working with the client app.

I explain the situation:

We’re working in an Active Directory environment and internal people works directly on network folders. This permits me to manage all the permissions and secure the files without having physical copy on the internal people computer’s hard drive.

Some of these folders are shared and published with your server application with all the security permissions (read-only and or write permissions). This permits to external people to simply access to the files or to work with them .

In order to ensure portability of the data I installed your client app and synchronized the folders I need to work remotely with… and here we have the troubles.

Files doesn’t synchronize in real time and I have locally older version of a file that in the network folder AND in the web accessed folder is updated even if I have the green tick on the synchronization.

Even if I force the synchronization it takes sometimes hours before having the updated version.

It’s a little more quicker if I publish something in the local copy and the client copies it in the published (and network) folders, but a big latency is noticed if I work with another computer connected with the client…. (so web and network are immediate, client not….)

Is it possible to improve this? We are used to work with Dropbox app and Google Drive and we’d like to have the same service…

Are the time in sync on both the client and server? This is one thing that can be a problem.

yes we keep all syncronized with one server to have all the same time