Nextcloud client app invalid certificate

after an update of the nextcloud app on ios 13.2.3 the app shows cyclically error messages when connecting to nextcloyd server with self signed certificate. every 2 seconds. couldnt figure out a way to turn it off. this way the app is unusable.

does somebody have an idea if it can be turned off without modifying the server?

Instead of going to ignore an important security related message, I would recommend to analyze the root cause of the problem, by accessing your server, using a web browser on your smartphone or by using this test test tool.

it shows up bc the server used self signed certificate. that is not optimal but app should not kill itself by sending warnings in 2second intervals. using browser its all good, only the last update of the app sucks

nothing to investigate here imho. root of warning is known and accepted in terms of security

I think you’ve two ways to fix the problem.

  • You should install the root CA certificate, which you’ve used to create the self-signed certificate, on your Android phone.
  • Use an official Let’s Encrypt certificate for your server.

This seems to be a bug. It showed up recently.

root ca is installed and lets encrypt is not mandatory, it should also work without any problems with self-signed certificates.

so when u start the app and log in after resetting app then its having this issue.

it seems that u can get out of this behaviour by just killing the process on ur phone then start it again (after u logged in). This is what i did on my device as well as on a friends device (also ios). it seems to be reproducible

for me its now OK. good its reported as a bug

Does anyone has a solution here? This isssue is well described on github here.