Nextcloud client 3.0.2 not correctly updating files


I’d like to start that I appreciate any and all help.

I work in an office and we use nextcloud desktop client for our server to share and edit files. We are a civil engineering group so we are all constantly updating and saving files and it’s over 240gb on our server.

I built a PC to be able to work at home. I installed nextcloud and downloaded the full server. It took over 4 days with their server speed! lol!

Well, I did a bunch of work before the holidays on Wednesday and saved multiple files from the office. I get home today and boot up my PC and none of these new updated files are there. It says these files haven’t been modified since last Saturday. I force sync and nextcloud says successfully synced but nothing changes. I’ve yet to get nextcloud to work properly on this PC. What the hell am I doing wrong?

(It doesn’t give me the option to update to 3.0.3 as well, but I believe thats a completely separate bug)


Can you try to get some logfiles? Just modify a small file and check the logs if the changes are propagated correctly to the server.

Yes it successfully updates on the PC I am on at home… but nothing from my work computer that I did on wednesday is here. And I know my PC at work works because the server is hosted on that comnputer. If my work computer has to restart or update windows the whole server goes offline until my computer is back up online.