Nextcloud client 2.6.5 keeps logging out under linux

HI. I’m using NextCloud sync client 2.6.5.

I have multiple instances of NextCloud server

My 2.6.5 client keeps logging out of a session from one of the servers but not the others (I have 5 instances of Nextcloud server for different purposes).

I keep having to login over and over. This behavior is repeated on all my machines. (I have 5 desktops that sync here)

When I look in the settings/security area, I see a huge list of clients - old clients from when Iogged in previously and all my current logins.

I should only see a login session for each client currently logged in or logged out but not multiples for 1 single desktop client.

I was using Nextcloud Client 2.6.4 previously and I did not experience this.

Should i just go back to 2.6.4?


I would like to add that I have reinstalled 2.6.4 AppImage and 2.6.5 AppImage after the current 2.6.5 reported logout.

Where I installed the 2.6.5 AppImage, it requested a new login. When logging in, the browser did not require a password, but simply required me to click login and then click “Grant Access”.

Where I installed the 2.6.4 AppImage, there was no request to login again. The previous login session was recognized.

Hopefully this allows for further understanding of the problem.