Nextcloud client 2.6.4 always stop responding on Win10 after a while

Hi Guys,

I use nextcloud as the private cloud to backup my data for some time and it always works normally and helps me lot.
I usually disable the auto sync and only start the sync once a week manually and it worked always normal.
Today, when I tried to do the same thing, it soon stopped and after I clicked its window for several times, it stopped responding and even after quite long time waiting, it won’t back.
I tried many times and also tried to reinstall the client but seems even I configured a new account and only sync the default files, it still stopped to response soon.
Meanwhile, I installed the same client on my other laptop. It worked normally and no issue happened during syncing about 30G data. So seems the issue is with my laptop.

I’m appreciated if somebody could guide me on the TS. It’s important for me
Thanks in advance.

Try the v2.3.3

thanks dude.
It works. I ever suspected the new version, but it ever worked well and run well in other laptop so I didn’t try to downgrade it.
Appreciated for sharing the old version clients.

Don’t hesitate to post an issue on GitHub
The 2.6.4 version fixed a lot of problems with my clients. None of them are on the 2.3.3 anymore.
But i saw from time to time still people like you having problems with the new 2.6.4

Nextcloud devs must be aware that your Nextcloud clients hangs for solving that for the next versions

Sure, I posted it on github as well.

thx for the suggestion.
I think the last version I used is 2.6.2. cannot quite sure. and in my memory, it worked well.
but 2.6.4 also worked well until yesterday. Not sure the reason.
Anyway, I’m just happy to see it’s back.

Really appreciated for your kindly help.