Nextcloud Client 2.5.1 installation OpenSuSe 15.1 fails SOLVED


the problem i have, is that the “Nextcloud Verbindungsassistent” ( mayby: Connection-Wizzard o.s. in english ) whitch shoud guide me through the installation fails in different ways.
My Nextcloud is on a DS218+ in the Folder “NextCloud” but the Wizzard persists to find the “status.php” in the “nextcloud” folder that doesn’t exist. A direct command like “” results in “”.
The second way he fails is he doesn’t accept the ip of the DS218 (ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE) although it is inserted in the config.php and the other (windows) clients have no problems
to connect+sync.

The Certificate was accepted.

The Firewall is down.

Are the any config files that i can change so the wizzard searches for the right folder?

Thanks at all

In the meantime i tryed to rename the (server) folder but no other result
-> “404 Not Found” - error from the Server.

hey @schlosser

it’s nice that you marked your issue as being solved. but it would be even nicer if you’d tell us/the forum HOW you managed to do that in an answer to your initial posting. that would perhaps help other users having the same/a similar problem like you.

thanks very much in advance