Nextcloud client 2.5.1 and 15.0.0RC3 are here!

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We’ve made available the third release candidate for Nextcloud 15 as well as version 2.5.1 of our desktop client! Help us test Nextcloud 15 and upgrade to the new desktop client to get almost two dozen bugfixes.

15 RC3 We're almost there, but the changes needed in RC2 was still longer than we wanted (almost 2 dozen fixes!) so another RC was decided on. A list of changes:

Desktop client 2.5.1

After the 2.5.0 release the desktop team decided to go for a quick release cycle, doing new releases every 2 weeks. This is the first of these and another can be expected before the end of the year! See the changelog below for what was fixed.

The update went smooth and I don’t see any issues so far!
The setup check under “Overview” is really helpful now. Good job!

Looking forward to having the stable release on my productive server. :slight_smile:

Is this fixed by this or the later Releases this Year?

Many Thanks for your Work!!!

Hi @Andy1256,

NC15 has been officially released already, so you can try that version.
However, for the sync with Mac clients you need to configure your web server properly. The admin guide is describing the necessary configuration:

Please follow the guide precisely to solve your issue.

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