Endless sync on desktop client 2.5.0 and 2.5.1


Hi 2.5.0 and 2.5.1 cause endless sync for me on Mac (MacBook Pro and iMac) with NC server 14.0.4

Also it shows the unresolved conflicts icon in the tray in exchange with the sync icon.

And it consumes 100% CPU and often hangs and needed to be killed.


After rolling back to 2.3.3 I have a working client back with less than 10% cpu usage. Don’t know what you guys have done but the 2.5.x versions are far away from production maturity and I am pretty much astonished that they have been published.

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Sync never ends - nextcloud 2.5.1
Nextcloud client 2.5.1 and 15.0.0RC3 are here!

@solick Are you still having this problem? How did you roll back to 2.33?


i am testing the 2.5.2 version. On my iMAC it seems to work fine. On my MacBook Pro it is still syncing but I will give it a try one day more.

In any case you can find here older versions: https://download.nextcloud.com/desktop/releases/


The 2.5.2 isn’t perfect for me too. On a linux and Windows 10 client.
I am still on 2.3.3.
The server is up to date on 16.