Nextcloud ClamAV Error - Tried to Scan Non-File

I have just migrated from NCP to Nextcloud AIO and have turned on ClamAV. All seems to be running well except in the logs it constantly shows an error “[files_antivirus] Error: Tried to scan non file” every 20 minutes. The logs don’t list which non-file it is, is there any way to figure that out? It seems that other than that error Nextcloud AIO is running smoothly so I’m not overly concerned about it but it would be nice to know.


I think thefiles_antivirus background job runs every 15 minutes.

As for the underlying cause, it may be a missing file where the NC cache is out of sync with the filesystem for some reason. Some possible hints/solutions here:

Thanks…I went through each user and emptied their trash and fingers crossed the errors seemed to have ceased.