Nextcloud choking :-)


We are getting this error and I don’t seem able to google anything about it:

warning nextcloud.sync.networkjob.get ]: Download choked

It’s a Windows client (up to date, same for Windows), connected via ethernet to a fiber internet access (max 1gbps), so a bandwith problem seems to be unlikely … before looking more attentively to the network, I was wondering what that error exactly meant ?

That’s a warning, not a error.

If you aren’t having problems I’d just ignore it.

Well you know, when somebody starts looking into log files, it means there is a problem … Some folders seems to never be able to sync (always the same), there might be quite big files in there (CAD files) so the “choked” rang a bell …

So I’m still wondering what might be the exact significance of this warning …


That was missing from your OP…

Need more information; please follow the support template and edit your OP.

It seems to be a Windows problem and means that the downloading speed is reduced?
Googling just “Download choked”

Well OP didn’t provide any other info because I just asked what was the signification of that “warning”, I mean usually this type of message is created in the code for a precise reason (well unless it’s a Microsoft product …) .

I don’t know where to find the support template (IIRC it was proposed when creating a new subject, I tried again and didn’t see it) so I will try without any guidance …

It’s a 20.0.8 installation on a quite powerful server (Xeon 16 cores, 32gb RAM, 2x1,9to NVMe and 1gbps bandwith), about 500gb of files, 15 users, client is on a generic (not professional) fiber access (max 1gbps), computer is a powerful laptop (Windows 10 up to date) used for CAD and engineering … I’m still waiting for some info on the file size (does this folder contain very big files is still a question I’m waiting an answer for). The problem seems to appear on more than one PC so I guess it’s more a local network problem, but to diagnose it would be nice to first know the exact signification of this warning.


We can’t diagnose based on that very vague warning.

I’d assume it means exactly what it says; that the download is choked. Could be anything causing it.

This doesn’t exist on any of the github issues, either.

Your client sync issues might not even be related to the warning…

Best to just ignore it and focus on your client sync issues. Github would be the place to report bugs with the windows nextcloud client.

Well that much I already found, I understand more or less what “Download choked” means but my guess is that Nexcloud generates that warning for a specific reason/situation and this I didn’t find. Could be something like “couldn’t complete download of file within a specific time frame” or “too many interruptions” or “bandwith available too low”
Each of these explanations can lead to quite different reasons, my original question was really about finding a list of these errors, I didn’t find it in Google, I guess there must be somewhere where they are listed …

You would have to open the source code and search for the warning in question… it’s not listed anywhere online.

Your client sync issues are likely not related to the warning.

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