Nextcloud certificate not safe

Hey, I have Nextcloud installed on my Unraid server, plus Swag. I have a certificate automatically created and everything set up as it should be. But when I want to access Nextcloud from outside, it says that my certificate is insecure and that the name does not match the one in the certificate.
Even after creating a new certificate, I have the same problem. Does anyone know more?

If you need a log or similar information let me know.

Here is the message: “Invalid certificate name. The name does not belong to the approval list or is explicitly excluded from the list. The name of the host is not one of the list of valid hosts for this certificate”.

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is it a selfsigned or letsencrypt certificate your are using?

Hello @xthebram est-ce que ton certificat prends aussi le sous-domaine www ? Car parfois le domaine pointe vers le serveur et le sous domaine www aussi mais le certificat n’est fait que pour l’un des deux et du coup si on se connecte depuis le mauvais, on est pas en SSL.
Je parle par expérience :wink:

It’s an let’s encrypted certificate

I think that could be the problem.
Do you know how I can change that?

You can put several domains for 1 single certificate. The best is that you delete the current one and generate a new one. When he asks you for which domain you put the two, separating them only with a space. As below:

Okay, gonna try that.
Could you explain me please how to delete a certificate? I don’t know which one is the certificate.

My Domainserver is duckdns, maybe that information helps to find the correct file

Try this
Host multiple domains with a single certificate - Help - Let’s Encrypt Community Support (