Nextcloud catalog for Ampache. Problem? Encryption!


I have been playing with my VPS for a while, and I happened to install Nextcloud on it. I also would love to use Ampache alongside it.

What is Ampache?

Ampache is a music streaming Web Application which allows you to stream your music, tv shows, movies over the Internet. It’s a spotify-like application, but it only uses music on a self hosted server.

What would I like to achieve?

I’d like to create a directory on my Nextcloud drive from Nextcloud’s web GUI and I want this directory to be the main Ampache’s catalog for uploads. I just want to upload files through Nextcloud and then make them accessible for Ampache to stream.

What is the problem then?

The problem is the encryption module Nextcloud uses. I haven’t tried to create the catalog for Ampache inside Nextcloud’s encrypted data directory, yet. That’s because I am not sure if that will work, I just don’t want to destroy my Nextcloud installation.

Can someone help me do that? Is it even possible? Will Ampache be able to read contents of the directory if it’s encrypted?

I would be extremely glad if anyone replied. Maybe there are others who have the same set? I really would like to do something like that.

If you use encryption, you must connect to files and folders via Nextcloud. I don’t know if you can tell ampache to mount folders via e.g. webdav. The encryption app was designed for external storage, so there is not much use if everything is just on your server, and it makes many other things more complicated. You could use hard-disk encrpytion of your OS, that should be more stable and even works in your use case.

Clientside encryption has to be supported and implemented by clients (it’s in the name :wink: ). If you are using servserside encryption then its implemented by the server (so no issues with ampache): files are only encrypted where they are stored.