Nextcloud can't process HTML event details provided by a Google calendar

Nextcloud version (eg, 20.0.5): Nextcloud
Operating system and version (eg, Ubuntu 20.04): Linux Mint 20.1 up to date


i’m facing an issue with some subscribed google calendars.
I left a long time ago Google Calendar but i’m working with some people who want to share some informations through a google calendar.
I did manage to display this calendar into my nextcloud account.

The issue is about the event details. It seems that Nextcloud calendar can’t process HTML format provided by Google calendar
Here’s an example :

  • Event created with Google
  • The same one displayed with Nextcloud

I did some researches about this issue here and on the Github repository, but found nothing.

Is there something i can do about this ?
Is this issue worth a new issue ticket ?

Thank you

I think Google is common enough to ensure good interop - definitely worth an issue at Github!

Ok thank you, i will do that then.

HTML in events has been standarized only recently (using new properties like STYLED-DESCRIPTION) but Google calendar doesn’t use them and puts HTML in blank text-only fields, hence this issue.

There’s not much we can do here, apart asking for Google to support standards properly.

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Ok i see, thank you for these details.

It certainly closes this issue for now.