Nextcloud cannot be executed on the PC

I wanna switch from owncloud to nextcloud. So I’ve just installed the nextcloud client on Windows 10. But it does’nt start!

I just got the message:

"Diese App kann auf dem PC nicht ausgeführt werden.
Wenden Sie sich an den Softwareherausgeber, um eine geeignete Version für Ihren PC zu finden."

in english:

"This app cannot be executed on the PC.
_Contact the software publisher to find a suitable version for your P_C."

Any ideas what I can do?

Meanwhile I’ve testet the installation on Windows 7 where I have the same issue. After that I tried the oc-client which can be installed without problems.

Windows 7 and Windows 10 are virtual machines under parallesl desktop for mac. Although I never had problems with installing software, perhaps nextcloud doesn’t like this virtual machines for some reason?

I could continue using the oc-client for my nextcloud. It works. But I would prefer to use the nextcloud client.


I figure out that not Paralles is the problem but 32bit versions of windows. The latest nextcloud client seems not to work on 32bit systems. Is this a bug or a feature?

I’ll open a new ticket for that…

What is the ticketnumber?

I have the same problem on windows 10 32 Bit

New post:

Github ticket: