Nextcloud calenders can not be published


I have no clue, whos calenders within nextcloud can be published to the public - so, any advice available?

Webdav is no option, as although the data are stored as ics and will be displayed on the fly for the calende-app, these
will not be made available via webdav for external applictions.
Since calendar plus app vanished away, there is no way. to get a direct link to the api web-interface.
I made a read-only-client(user) for nextcloud, but I can’t give hime automatic access behave as a public user (a link to automaticly open only the calender app only)
there seems to be no external app (like google) that is capable of importing eventdata (like google-calendar) from nextcloud, whatever the protokoll or user-setting might be.

Since the need is to make calendar-data (f.e. for clubs) avaible for public from a small group ( f.e. club-organizers), there are some commercial options, but nextcloud seems to be no choice.


Nextcloud 10 on (free account)

just to make clear, if I got it right:

the free-accunt version (NC 10) does not give the admin the ability to use the “…”-dot-option to edit user or group-rights, and by that, the option “share link” and “public access” are not available within the calendar-app ?!
if it’s so I like to know, where I can find a detailed comparision-sheet and from which upgrade-version
this feature is available.