Nextcloud Calender not syncing events into Google Calender

Hello everybody,
I cannot paste my Nextcloud Calender into Google Calender. No errors here and I can select/deselect it afterwards in Google, but it stays empty still after a few days. Here is what I did (following the well-known tutorials):
From my Nextcloud site, Calendar application, I click on the 3 dots on the right of the name of the Calendar and copy the “private URL” (which gives me a https link) and paste it into the my google calendar (“Other calendars / Add by URL”).
Now Google says “OK, updating in background”. But nothing happens.
Any ideas?

Hi there,
I installed an app called “DAVx5” on my android, which is able to connect to Caldav Ressources. It synced all events right away into my google calender.
So why is google calender by itself not able to connect… it´s a miracle.

Hello again, I think it has something to do with missing credentials. But I cannot find any option to pass these nextcloud credentials over to my google calender. Any ideas still?

The sync is one-way. Nextcloud only pull changes, but doesn’t push them to Google.

Hi there,
this is not a push/pull related thing, it seems to be Google related. Here is what I got from the Google community:

“For Google calendar to import a calendar by url, the calendar needs to be available at that url without any restrictions. Any credentials needs to be included in the url. If your nextcloud supports basic http authentication, you can use it in your url like

This “basic authentication” does not work with Nextcloud, as far as I see. As I mentioned above, the only solution I found so far, is to use a 3rd party “in the middle” tool like DAVx5 which is able to provide proper authentication.