Nextcloud Calendar with DavX5 and Groups as vCards or categories for each contact?

Hi Friends!

I’m using Nextcloud and DavX5 on my Android/LineageOS for sync contacts, calendar and tasks.
Is not clear for me differences between Groups as separate vCards and categories for each contact.
How I can verify which of these two options should I set?

I point out that I don’t see (and can’t set) groups on the phone, which I see in NC instead.

Actually I’ve set “Groups as separate vCards”.



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There is nothing to verify, because only “groups as categories for each contact” is the right choice. Nextcloud doesn’t support groups as separated vCards :wink:


All right!

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For people that read this but are unsatisfied, subscribe to “GROUP vcard support [$10] · Issue #609 · nextcloud/contacts · GitHub” and “Support Mac groups vCards · Issue #213 · nextcloud/contacts · GitHub” to know when this problem has been remediated.