Nextcloud calendar deactivate all day view

When I enter a new appointment in the calendar, the all-day version is always preselected.
But I want this checkbox not to be activated. Where can i customize that?

Please desribe in detail how you are creating new appointments. A screenshot would be very helpful. Additionally please provide information on what device you are creating it and provide detailed information about the versions used etc., etc.

When I click on a day in calendar view to add an appointment the all-day version is always preselected - but it shouldn’t.
What can I do to preselect this?

Unfortunately you still haven’t provided any version information nor have you described where “exactly” you’ve clicked on a day view.

This is important because a day record consists of two parts, one for all day appointments (at the top of the day, prefixed with “All day” and separated by a thick line) and one for for time dependent records (prefixed with time stamps, like e.g. “09:00” below that thick line)

If you klick on the “All day” part of a day, the All day checkbox is marked, if not the checkbox isn’t marked.