Nextcloud Calendar Attendee Responses

I had been going a little crazy with testing Calendar events with external users and getting their responses for attendance. It seems that when you send a calendar event invite to an external user there are two places to mark responses. One is in the upper portion of the email (at least it was in Gmail and Hotmail/Outlook). The other is down in the lower body of the email. It appears that if I accept on the lower set of buttons, it returns the Nextcloud acceptance page and I get the response back on my Nextcloud calendar. However this does not place anything on the Google user’s calendar. If they accept the upper response buttons, then it will add the event to their calendar but not update a response on my Nextcloud event. That is not helpful and confusing for external account folks to address both sets of buttons to get everyone on the same page. Is there not a better method that streamlines all of this communication?

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+1 This is frustrating the heck out of me.

Here’s a helpful thread that explains the difficulties with handling invitation responses: