Nextcloud calendar App with Outlook, Exchange and Google Calendar

I have a Nextcloud server integrated with Collabora online (Univention appliance) works as local server.
Is there apossibility to send and revieve calendar invitations to/from Outlook, Exchange and Google Calendar.

Nextcloud version 18.04

There is a way, most solutions are not wide spread server implementations and has to be done on an individual account bases. The issue is that on exchange servers (MS office), the calendar protocol is RFC 5445 (iCalendar). Next cloud interacts with RFC 4791 (CalDav). It would be nice to have an app or extension that would bridge this problem, but I am not aware of any.

There are some open source solutions on Sourceforge like:

but this is not ideal.

As long as the servers are accessible using the SMTP protocol it should be possible to send email. The mentioned Outlook CalDAV Synchronizer is only necessary if you want to keep an external CalDAV server in sync with Nextcloud.

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Thanks so much for your interest.

Thanks so much for your interest, it seems that using the SMTP protocol is works for me.

Steps taken:

1- Calendar invitation has been sent to an external email account.
2- He accept the invitation and it appeared on his calendar.
3- Once he took an action to this event, the action recieved on my mail inbox but not appears on Nextcloud calendar App side. I mean that he accepted the invitation and I recieved an accept email on my Gmail not inside Nextcloud calendar App.