NextCloud Box with RBPi 3 B+

“setting up my Nextcloud box”]

Good morning everyone - I’m new to the page and I’m extremely sorry if I’m asking something already asked.

My set up:
Nextcloud Box
Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Motherboard
Connected via Ethernet to a Linksys WRT32x
I did download the new software image for RBPi 3 and usted Etcher to installed to to the SD card.

I waited about 30 minutes and try going to ubuntu-standard.local or ubuntu-standard.localdomain or nextcloud.local but nothing worked.

Please help,


Can you connect a monitor to the HDMI port of the RP? How did you try to connect via the network?

Hi eehmke - I have not connected a monitor to the Pi yet. Once I get off work I will be picking up a monitor from my brother house to connect to the Pi to see if something is displaying. My Pi is connected to a Netgear switch that’s connected to my Linksys WRT32x router.

once you have the monitor connected, also connect a local keyboard and a mouse via usb. Then you can check the network address. To connect remote via SSH you might need to activate it:

The only thing that come up on my display is a rainbow screen with lightening bolt on the right.

I followed this guide to set up Nextcloud with Ubuntu Server 16.04 minimal on my RPi 2. Skip the wireless connections part if you already have it hooked up with an Ethernet cable. The best part about this tutorial, apart from the fact that it worked really well, is that you do not need a keyboard or a mouse to get this working. I then followed this guide to setup Nextcloud. It is actually a guide for ownCloud but it works for Nextcloud as well.

Thank you so much electrophile. Now i’m just trying to get a proper power supply. I’m using the power supply that WD send with the box but i’m getting a rainbow screen with a yellow lighting bolt on the right.

usually the power connector WD sent with nextcloud box would be sufficient. but pls make sure that there’s no like usb-stick draining power from one of the usb-slots or such.

further on… the rainbowproblem was discussed over and over here in the forum. have you checked all of those out?

This happened to me as well but in my case, I’ve bought the newer raspberry pi 3 B+
took the sd card from my current raspberry pi 3 nextcloud box and inserted int into the B+ to only get the rainbow screen
With a quick research, and correct me if I’m wrong nextclouders, I managed to understand that maybe a separate nextcloud box images are needed for nextcloud box to work on the B+

Raspberry pi 3 images won’t work on raspberry pi 3 B+ simply because the B+ model needs new drivers. Hence, nextcloud box B+ images are needed

I thought I could benefit form the speed boost in the B+ :confounded:

You can switch to NextcloudPi, which is the officially endorsed community build of Nextcloud for all ARM, x86 and x86-64 devices. You can download the latest build ISO, install directly through curl script on any debian or raspbian. Installer is built into armbian.

Https:// is the website.

Hi, you might want to double check if the RPi3+ is actually supported by the image you tried. I might remember there was something about only supporting RPi3 (not the plus-version).