NextCloud Box - Use of static IP address

Hello all
I’m a bit disapointed, because I didn’t find any solutions for my small problem. It should be an easy installation of the NextCloud box, but it is not the case.

My first problem is, that I have no clue, where to set up my external IP adress, which was given to me by my internet provider and the secod problem is, that I have no idea, how to set up a permanent internal static address, which will be effective and permanently.
I have installed the nextcloud box with some problems, but is is working in my home environment. I don’t know why, but the internal address is always (an example), even I did not assigned it.

Is anybody, who could help?

Normally you have to set this at your router. If you use a dedicated domain, you only need the domain name which is automatically added to the trusted domains during setup. Should be the same for an IP address.

By default it is set up to use DHCP. Some routers allow you to give a static IP address to a host based on its MAC address. I’m not familiar with the snappy environment how you disable DHCP and set a static IP address manually. @oparoz

I found a way to set up a static address in the router, so now the NextcloudBox have a static address. I forwarded the ports to the internal static IP, I’m just not sure, if it is alowed to use any number, because I didn’t use the standard 80 and 443, however still no success to access it from outside my home network.
Any idea??

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In theory you can use whatever port you want. You can try to avoid ports that are normally used for other purposes to avoid confusion. Advantage for default ports is that you don’t need to specify the port and that some public wifi-networks only allow connections on these default http-ports.

I tried with some numbers and than I put again 80 and 443, but when I try to connect from outside it says:
A unknown error occured (translated) or response from the server is timed out (translated again :slight_smile: ) Have no idea what is wrong. Do I have to make any changes in Raspberry Pi?

This is the entry page I get, when I try to access from the internet.

I don’t speak your language. You probably need to add your ip address to the trusted domains in your config/config.php.

Yes, it says, that I have to do so. How do I add my domain to the trusted domains?

Have you checked the FAQ section?:

I still feel stupid, because I do not understand quiete well how to do it…My Static IP address is. (example) my internal address of the Nextbox is (example). I opened ports 80 and 443 to this internal address TCP/UDP. Everything is fine in my internal network. I just do not know, how an where to configure trusted domain entry. I’m using Raspberry 2. Is there any step-by-step tutorial for users like me :slight_smile: ?

Hopefully someone else can correct me if need be, but I don’t recall editing the trusted domains file - however, I did setup https with “let’s encrypt” which has been working very well. My setup is nextcloud box with a local ip tied to my router’s semi-permanent ip address, which in turn is tied to a web address.

Are you trying to provide access to NextCloud outside of you LAN? It sounds like it. In that case it is not a small problem, it is a big problem because private LANs in homes are not meant to be accessible to the internet and it is not trivial to set them up to be so.


sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ config:system:set trusted_domains 12 --value=DOMAIN

Or manually edit trusted_domain array in config.php