Nextcloud box does not boot on rasberry pi

Both the original RPi and the RPi2 made up to Oct '16 are 32 bit, the RPi2 has a quad core processor vs. the single core of yours. Both the RPi2 after Oct '16 (version 1.2) and the RPi3 have a 64 bit processor.
The image included on the SD Card will only work on a 32bit RPi2.

However even the RPi2 is too slow for me, I am going to see if I can get one of these.

It’s a new board, sold out everywhere at the moment but the quad core A17 processor is designed for performance rather than efficiency of the RPi cores. 1.8ghz and 2gb ram should speed things along nicely. It runs Debian and I am hoping the snap package will work on it. I’ll start a seperate thread when I get hold of one.

Hello everybody,

same problem here, i’ve shipped to my father a nextcloud box and a raspberry pi 2 and it cannot boot.
I’ve checked my father recieved the Pi 2 v1.2… which seems not compatible.

Any simple idea to make the couple work ?
I think i will have to prepare one SD card and ship it over the Atlantic.

Install raspian, or a distribution you’re comfortable with, and install NC manually.

If you can find snappy core or Ubuntu server you could also install the snap, but note the snap is not great if you want to tweak the setup as it’s all readonly.

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I’m comfortable with raspbian, but the problem is that i’m at more than 10 000km from the nextcloud box.
I was hoping on the self installation process.
Now I’m getting stuck as i cannoct ask my parents to install the beast.

Thank you for your advice. Will go back to Restrain.

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