Nextcloud Box after doing apt-get upgrade does not pull up web page

I made a mistake in that I did an apt-get update, upgrade and now when I goto the server’s web page all see is the Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page. Any suggestion or pointers on how to fix would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you in advance

I have no Nextcloud Box but i’m good in Apache2 Config. Do you have a Nextcloud config file in /etc/apache2/sites-available/?

Do you have errors in Apache2 Log or Nextcloud log? Is your Nextcloud Box only in our home network available or from all over the world via ddns?

/etc/apache2/sites-available does not have the nextcloud.config file and I can not seem to find it. The Apache2 logs do not show an error. either. The box currently does not have access outside of the home network,

Okey, thats not so good. I look tmrw on my RPI 2 with Ubuntu Snappy and then i can send you the solution.

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[Resolved] I did an apt-get update, upgrade and now see the Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page. I want to be able to install PHP MySQL Apache custom developed apps but also run NextCloud on the NextCloud Box running RPI 2 for both. I have looked for documentation on Apache2 Config to do this but have not found any? Any help would be appreciated.