Nextcloud Box - 11.0.3 - password recovery email not received - updated

Nextcloud Box with Raspberry Pi 2 (Q1 2015) running Nextcloud 11.0.3
Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS
Installed from supplied 4Gb micro SD card.
Connected Box to internet. (Have HTTPS access using and a Letsencrypt certificate.)

I recorded a password inaccurately and could not log in but fortunately found an accurate version, so am able to log in.

What I want to raise is that:

  • I followed the Forgot password procedure, after several failed logins,

  • my Nextcloud installation has my email address for password recovery and notifications

  • I did not receive a password reset email.

This is not the first time I’ve tried to use this feature and not received any password reset email. Fortunately, I have, so far, always managed to dig out an accurate copy of the password I was getting wrong.

I have checked the expected password reset email has not gone into “Junk”. Obviously there can be reasons for non-receipt of emails other than that they were not sent but I wonder whether a password reset email was in fact sent. Should I be able to find this in a log somewhere?


This issue persists. Trying to get a password reset email from my own server still fails. I get told it has been sent but it doesn’t arrive.

Also tried this on the Nextcloud 11 and 12 demo servers linked to at Demo instances of 9, 10, 11 and 12 now live.
Went to personal and put in an email address of mine. Logged out. Tried to log in with the wrong password to trigger the password reset option. Triggered sending of email to my email address - which had persisted on the server across logging out and logging in again. (Since removed.) As on my own server, in theory the password reset email was sent but in practice it doesn’t reach me. Have checked Junk, where my Thunderbird email client puts items it regards as junk.

This issue is not a current problem for me but I wouldn’t want to be relying on an illusory safety net in relation to forgotten passwords.

Email is not configured on the demo servers, but it is setup on my hosted instance you can sign up for here. If that doesn’t work, we’ll likely need to get a bug report filed.

OK. Thanks for the info about email not being configured on the demo servers and the link to your hosted instance. The password reset feature worked when I used that.

So, I’m left with the mystery why it doesn’t work on my server.

Incidentally, my access to your hosted instance was initially prevented by Firefox because its “certificate expired on 10 May 2017 at 13:13.”

Normally it’s a configuration issue on the server, or a wider blacklisted IP-type problem with your ISP.

In my case, I had to verify my domain with Google in order for them to allow email to pass into Gmail, where I receive alerts, because prior to that my mail logs (Postfix, dedicated container in my LAN) reported Google was rejecting it.


  1. Have you configured email on the box? Don’t assume it’s set up ready to go
  2. Have you checked mail logs if mail is setup?
  3. Have you tried another email address via another provider
  4. Have you verified your IP hasn’t been blacklisted?

With those you should be 70% on the way to a resolution I would imagine.

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“Have you configured email on the box? Don’t assume it’s set up ready to go …”

Oops! That’s exactly what I did assume!

I thought, in getting a Nextcloud Box, I was getting something ready to use, albeit requiring some further steps if I wanted to access it over the Internet. It hadn’t occurred to me that additional steps might be required if I wanted it to be able to send emails to me.


Yeah, in additional settings you can configure email. I’ve not been able to get the default PHP method to work on the box and don’t see any logs for apache or php that state why, or even if it tried, better to use a remote SMTP server if you have one available (ISP, Gmail, etc)

Thanks. Now working.

Changed to SMTP and used the outgoing email server for my ISP.

I didn’t know where to look to configure email, after you had alerted me to the need to do so, so thanks for spelling that out.

I don’t think this topic is covered in the manual. Not in the Nextcloud 10 manual - automatically installed in the root of each account of my Nextcloud 11 installation - nor in the manual for Nextcloud 11.

@jospoortvliet :slight_smile:

@mh101 would be great if you could update the wiki with this info! See

I haven’t yet understood how one contributes to the wiki. The Help page at seems to be aimed at people who have created their own public repository.

I’m signed into Github and have followed the link you provide but am not seeing any Edit or New Page button.

Ah. Now I’ve found a New Page button by following a link to the history of edits of a page ( Still haven’t found an Edit button.

Have tried to create a new page using the New Page button which I’ve found exists on _history pages but clicking on that button just takes me to the Home page of the Wiki.

I now have some text which I would add to the wiki as a New Page if I could see how to do so.

Gimme your github account name, this might be the issue…


*On 18/05/2017 20:59, Jospoortvliet wrote:

@jospoortvliet As indicated in my previous post, my github account name is gbz101.

As indicated, I’ve drafted a possible New Page to go in the wiki you invited me to contribute to but am unable to/cannot see how to edit the wiki.

You thought that maybe the issue was that my Github ID differs from my help.nextcloud ID.

I haven’t tried logging into Github using e.g. my Facebook account to see if that makes a difference. I usually prefer to minimize the extent to which I willingly share information about me across services, although I expect a lot happens behind the scenes. In any event, if the issue is that mh101 is, to some extent, trusted, whereas gbz101 is not, I’m doubtful whether logging in under my Facebook ID would help.

Have you got around to seeing whether you can give gbz101 the same privileges as mh101 would have had, as regards the Nextcloud Box wiki on Github (if that is the potential issue)?

Alternatively, would it be appropriate for me to post the text I drafted here, for someone else to add it/a version of it to the wiki, if judged worthwhile?

(Apologies if I am appearing to be impatient and not showing an appreciation that you might just have a few other things to do and/or that, now and then, you are entitled to take some time off work.)

I added “gbz101” as member of the Nextcloud project, it should work now. Sorry for not adding you earlier, I missed your reply so it is good you were impatient :smiley: