Nextcloud Blog RSS feed always updated before release notes / changelog or downloads are available


I didn’t find a bug tracker for the nextcloud website, so I’m asking here.

Where would I need to report an issue with the RSS feed? It seems to contain unpublished news items.

At 12:01 today, I got the news about 20.0.9 and 21.0.1 in my feed reader. The news are not available on the website yet, and also the downloads and changelogs are not available.

This is the 10th time or so this is happening, so I thought it would make sense to notify people of it.

Which URL are you using for the RSS feed? Because i am using and it didn’t show me the notification about 20.0.9 yet - even if i directly open this URL in the browser, i can not find 20.0.9 nor 21.0.1 :thinking: .

This one:


Title of the first news there:

“Nextcloud 20.0.8 and 19.0.9 are out, update!”

Well, while the URL is different, the content is the same for me - no hint about 20.0.9.

I didn’t find a bug tracker for the nextcloud website

The bug tracker for the website is on its GitHub repository: Issues · nextcloud/ · GitHub

Yeah, sorry, I swapped the version numbers… :weary:

So the only issue remaining is that there’s no blog article on the website yet… Probably cached?

Opened a report. Thank you!

No, there isn’t one. Actually there aren’t blog articles for each and every minor release - the latest blog article about minor versions was about 20.0.5. I think this one was made to announce the end of life for NC 18.

I do not understand what you need a blog article for, when you already got the information via the RSS feed?
Writing and coordinating release announcements is not that easy - there are so many channels like all the social media stuff, blog, forum, RSS, … I totally understand that noone wants to write a blog entry about such minor stuff :man_shrugging:

Mmh, I just assumed they were the same thing - usually, an RSS feed reflects what’s on the website, and doesn’t provide ‘secret’ infos.

I’m not sure where the difference is - the text is already written.
Aren’t these things coupled on your website?
(Announcing an EOL is something noteworthy, too.)

And yeah, I know about release coordination being hard. I’ve done it for other projects multiple times.

Just wanted to let you know, in case you didn’t.

Disclaimer - i do not work for and am not related in any way to Nextcloud Inc. (the operator of - i’m just a random guy digging around in the forums :wink:
But yeah, with the GitHub issue they are aware of your request now, and i am sure they will respond.

Yep, thanks again.

Some of my mobile apps for Nextcloud have your family name on them… Is that what you do, then?

That’s correct :slightly_smiling_face: , i am the maintainer of the Nextcloud Notes Android App and the Nextcloud Deck Android App. They are developed independently of the Nextcloud Inc. by a team of volunteers (of course we get a lot of support from the Nextcloud Inc. with hints regarding the Design and we stay in contact for API changes etc.).

Ha :slight_smile: Nice! Yes, I have them both installed, from F-Droid. I’m excited about every update, and love it that you provide so detailed changelogs that come with the updates.

Thank you for your work on these (edit: the apps, not the changelog notes, although those are great, too)!