Nextcloud behind NAT

Hello, everyone,
I have the following case and I could not find a similar topic, so I decided to launch a new one.
I installed nextcloud on an old machine at home on Centos7, but I want to access it from the outside. The idea is to buy a domain for it and put a lets encrypt certificate on it, but the problem is that I’m behind a router, ie behind NAT, I’ll do port forwarding for it, but I don’t know if it will start after resolving the domain and whether the certificate can be uploaded.
The router I use is Mikrotik with DDNS, because my IP is dynamic.
Is there a chance my idea will come true? If there is anyone who has done such a thing I would be grateful to give some help.


you may start here: Local and ssl web access

i mean you don’t find the solution. but some of topics you have to deal with are covered there.

port 80/443 is open from the outside?