Nextcloud Basic Settings Mail Server Test email not working

Hello, hoping one of you can help, I am setting up my new nextcloud install but I cannot be able to send a basic settings test email. I have seen other posts on this forum, but none of the solutions worked for me. I am beginning to think this a bug how can anyone solve this?

My setup is a new install of nextcloud on unraid with my gmail account as the server. Here is my setup:

Nextcloud Version 27.1.4

Send Mode : SMTP
Encryption: None/STARTTLS
From Address:
Server Address: : 587
Authentication: (Checked) Authentication Required
Credentials: (App Password from Google)

Test email comes back with: A problem occurred while sending the email. Please revise your settings. (Error: Email could not be sent. Check your mail server log)

I did try another email service, put their settings in and created an app password and got the same error. My guess it is something in NC or on a firewall that is blocking the email from going out?

I know these settings are right, Is Google blocking emails from this for some reason?
Where would one need to go to find the email log to see what is going?
Are many people having this same problem?

Thanks for any help on the issue.


Find out the details by activating debug mode and reviewing your Nextcloud server log:

Thans @jtr1

Well i tried it with another email account i had, my yahoo account ant it worked perfectly. Seems like NC did not like my Google Gmail address.

I do not think it is a firewall problem as it would have blocked the yahoo email too then.

In any case thank you for your help!

Maybe this might help:

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Wow, and Gmail still has the ability to add app passwords.

So I ask this to all of you developers and cyber security people out there. Is this really worth it from Google?

I know there is a trade off between security and convenience but is this too much to change all of the interfaces for UI to comply?
For the security people, is this really more secure of is google trying to just wall off more data so they can make money selling it when they do?

To me when security gets in the way for the things you want to do, thats too far. I would think if you know the risks and want to do it anyways then it should not be stopped by google thinking they know better?

but I am just a normie with my ideas.

Thanks @Mornsgrans