Nextcloud backups but does NOT sync on MacOS

Hey guys,
I am new to nextcloud and installed 3.12.0 for MacOS (M1 Max). I want a files to upload to the cloud and sync both ways, meaning if I work and change a document on my Mac or online in the cloud, I want it updated in the cloud and on my mac. My problem right now is, that if I change a document or add a document in my file on my mac, it does not upload on the cloud and vice versa. The file on my nextcloud is only acting as a backup.

How do I change it from “backup” to “sync” and best case “both ways”?
No Change after restart programm or Mac, no change after force sync and no message of error uploading. I really don´t understand what I am doing wrong.
Please help me out :slight_smile:

The destkop client is running (green icon in the status bar)? Normally, it should do sync all the time. If you go to the settings, you see if your account is synced (green) or if it is currently syncing, or if there are errors.

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Thank you for your fast answer! - yes I did check all that, everything synced, with green icon. But turns out I now found out what the problem was, so in case there is someone who needs to know as well:

If I drag and drop a folder to nextcloud, the folder will only be a backup (in contrast to what I read online). Although, If I go to nextcloud-settings and establish a proper “synced folder”, this folder is now synced both ways…

You mean drag and drop in the browser or into the folder via file manager?

into the folder via file Manager

When you say it is only a backup, if you change a file via webinterface, it is never changed on your client?