NextCloud Available even no internet on mobile

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How Can i Make Nextcloud Available on mobile connection even no internet connection
So i can see files open it just to looking info for word of something and edit will retrieve after connection back
thanks for Helping

Hosted : Cloud
Ubuntu 20.4
Nextcloud : 24.6

Without internet you need to connect via local machine IP address.

So instead of your public facing IP you would use your local IP either directly on your local network or on your local wifi.

However, if your using VPS this would be impossible.

Depending on the situation if the VPS internet is down you have no choices.

If your local internet is down then you can only connect via mobile connection only and if your mobile internet is down then again your only option is wifi/local network connected to the same nextcloud on the same local network.

In other words you local network still works to communicate with the local devices but nothing outside it reachable without internet connection on both ends.

Hope this helps.

In the case of local network connection then you just use the IP address of your nextcloud at your local network.

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I don’t think offline editing is available on mobile. You can do this on a computer.

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Thanks for your replay
Even i use it computer map network drive? I cant edit file on cash

Thnx u men map network drive or computer app for nextcloud


You’ll need to install the

  • Nextcloud Desktop app on your computer
  • mobile app on your phone

In order to sync the files and folders you want to access offline. Then you can edit them and sync back the changes once you are online again.

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No network drive… if you use the Nextcloud client on a computer, you can do offline editing and sync the files later.

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But in mobile app when i close internet connection i get " server is not available"
So i can access files? In this case?
Or there is any setting i must do to make it available?

Its also work for mobile app?!

Again… I don’t think you can do this on the mobile app. You can do it on a computer, e.g. cache files and edit them with LibreOffice while offline and upload them later.

The issue is not just the caching, but also that software to edit the files is needed. If you use something like Collabora, you must be actively connected to both that and Nextcloud.

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Thanks for your replay
Ok cool i have question about Collabora
Its can work on https?

  • Cuz when im using it on exmple
    I get error if im uisng by ip address its work fine
  • and if installed on same server it will slow the server or not if yes better to install on another server and connect both to each other?
  • for crontab if there any chance to make run every min cuz im using flow to convert office files to pdf i dont need to wait 5min to run the crontab

Try reading the documentation for your particular Nextcloud mobile app (Android or iOS)

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