Nextcloud at RailsGirls Summer of Code! :)

Current teams are:

Old info for reference:

We were accepted as organization with RailsGirls Summer of Code! :slight_smile:
Get more info & apply at

And please spread the word by retweeting! :bird:


We have quite some teams who applied now! We need some coaches too :slight_smile:

Check what it entails and please register as a coach at

As we will potentially focus on apps like Calendar, Contacts, Mail and Video calls, it would be great if you could coach: @georgehrke @raghunayyar @tcit @ChristophWurst @Gomez @Henni @irgendwie @nickvergessen @ivan @skjnldsv :wink:

Also cc’ing @eppfel @hechi @jakobsack @MorrisJobke @LukasReschke @blizzz @bjoern @tobiasKaminsky @Andy @mario @juliushaertl and others who would be in for coaching! :tada:

(Just for your info: It’s language-agnostic, you do not need to know Rails. ;D)

Shouldn’t the team be listed here ?

@tcit those are the student teams. :slight_smile: We are listed among the projects at

@jonatoni @Silva.Arapi @DenisaR please also post your team and which app you will be working on in here so potential coaches can find you. :slight_smile:

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Same for the coaches: Please post here that you are coaching! :slight_smile:

cc @mario @raghunayyar and other coaches :rocket:

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I can definitely coach!

Would prefer someone working on mobile apps (Android & iOS), but can mentor pretty much anything given a proper bribe (pancakes are good!). :slight_smile:


Hey @mario, me and my friend @SuelaP would like you to be our coach. We are thinking of working with the Mail App, but since we can cook some very good traditional Albanian pancakes, we though of asking you to join our team :smile:

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Hi group, @Xh3n1 and I are looking forward to work with Contacts App and Documentation/Nextcloud website part. Any volunteer to be our coach? :slight_smile:

I am coachng @Silva.Arapi in hope of Albanian pancakes. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@raghunayyar sure, pancakes and coding, sounds like a great summer :smile:

I registered today and am available for Coaching

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Added the current state of the teams in the original post at Nextcloud at RailsGirls Summer of Code! :) :slight_smile:

@jonatoni & @Xh3n1 what will your team work on? And maybe @nickvergessen can be coach? :slight_smile:

@DenisaR do you already know who will be your partner and what you want to work on? There’s probably some coaches in Berlin so maybe tweet about it asking for coaches?

@jan I have just registered as a couch. I could help with the Spreed / Video calls app.

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@jan as I have mentioned, @Xh3n1 and I will work on Contacts App and Documentation/Nextcloud website. If we can’t find coaches about this maybe we can try to work on something else. I don’t know if @nickvergessen can help us, we would be happy to have him as our coach. :slight_smile:

1st couch founded :slight_smile:

I can help as a coach as well. Mainly for the website/documentation, but other topics should work as well. :wink:
That means basically support @nickvergessen at the team of @jonatoni & @Xh3n1 :slight_smile:

I will try to fill out the coach application properly … seems to be a lot of stuff that is unclear for me (remote coach or not, add company or not, …)

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@jancborchardt I applied as coach. And now? How do I get assigned as coach?


My expertise is mostly in php, but I also know the docs a bit.
I guess if you work on the contacts app (which I also use), we will also figure things out, I just don’t know too much about it under the hood.

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I will add you now as our coach, you just need to approve it. Thanks. :slight_smile: