Nextcloud as something else than WebDAV possible?


Is it possible to connect Nextcloud as something else than WebDAV storage? Example, like S3 compatible storage, like FTP, SFTP, … or whatever.

Reason is that I would like to use it like secondary remote location for WordPress sites backups. I installed it on Oracle ARM instance with 200GB disk space and it will be nice if it is possible to use it also in some other way than WebDAV connected storage.

Interesting question - I have not seen anything within the Nextcloud interface for exporting to remote systems - we mainly mount remote systems.

One option that might work here, is to export the data directory of your Wordpress site using lets say Samba - then on Nextcloud mount that using the External Storage App - you would still need a script to backup files from that export to the Nextcloud storage.

You have a number of options if you just want to deposit files and use occ files:scan to make them show up in Nextcloud e.g. sshfs using Fuse. Also, you could mount webdav with fuse on the Wordpress site, but I am not sure if that would give you any additional options as you can do webdav mount in Linux as well.

If you are only doing backups you could setup rsync server and client and again move the files under Nextcloud.

Another option might be to consider push vs pull backups - push would be from your client to the Nextcloud, but pull could be done over ssh where a process on Nextcloud does the connection and grabs the files - sadly all of the above ideas ( short of mounting webdav on the client ), require scripting on the Nextcloud host.

If security is an issue for you, pull type backup is the most secure - if the Wordpress site is compromised in any way, and if you have multiple backups, the attacker is not able to access your previous backups ( they can play with any current or future once ).

If there are better solutions or Nextcloud based backup apps hope somebody chimes in - good luck.

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It’s not really the use case for Nextcloud. It’s meant primarily for users, not backup file storage.

For that type of thing, maybe TrueNAS with WireGuard is more appropriate.

I don’t think that you get the idea of topic. Primary, how you will deploy it on cloud (specifically Oracle ARM, as it is free with 200GB of storage)???

I don’t see why it will not be good idea to use Nextcloud as secondary (or third) backup storage solution (I’m using B2 as primary)?

Is it so hard to add support to be mounted as S3 compatible, or SFTP storage?

Why has it to be Nextcloud? If you want object storage, you could install MinIO. If you want SFTP, literally any Linux distro can do that out of the box…

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You kinda answered this one yourself. It’s because it doesn’t have all the features you might need, which is due to the fact, that it isn’t primarily meant to act as a backup storage target.

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Yes it is. Nextcloud operates entirely with HTTP and related protocols (WebDAV, etc). Nextcloud does not have a client interface for SFTP or S3 access at all, so you’re asking for an entirely new client interface to be written. That’s no small undertaking.

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If you want object storage, you could install Minio.

This is the answer. Host minio (s3) and the mount it in Nextcloud and your other services. What you want is lower level than Nextcloud.

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Interesting idea. Do you know requirements for ARM?

Oracle free tier is for ARM:
Shape: VM.Standard.A1.Flex ( Ampere A1 CPU)
OCPU count: 4
Network bandwidth (Gbps): 4
Memory (GB): 24
Local disk: Block storage only (200 GB)

This is fine to run in production?